Areas of Practice

The Law Offices of Maggie Arias cover a wide range of State and Federal criminal cases.

Your Rights, Liberty and Reputation Are at Risk Take Immediate Action and Hire an Aggressive Defense Attorney Today
When you are charged with a criminal offense, so much of your life is affected.  Your reputation, your liberty, the ability to maintain your lifestyle, the ability to preserve your employment situation and so much more.  Because the main concerns are generally focused on liberty and reputation, it is imperative to seek the advice of an experienced criminal defense trial lawyer.

When your immigration status is at risk, you need to have an experienced attorney working to preserve your immigration and travel goals as well as any goal you may have to become a United States citizen.

Five Reasons Why You Should Consider The Law Offices of Maggie Arias 

5. Comprehensive Approach: Education is important to me. First and foremost I want you to understand without doubt what you’re being accused of and the charge(s) you are up against. I will ensure you know exactly what is happening during each phase of your case. Law is a business of details and I will ensure you experience no surprises.
4. Work With the Founder Direct: With more than seven years of experience in the criminal justice system, you will meet directly with the founder. Unlike many larger firms, you will not be pawned off to a recent law school graduate, a newly-hired associate or a law partner who will not personally handle your case. I will work with you directly throughout the entire process.
3. Focused and Strategic: From the very beginning of a case, I am researching and analyzing the case facts, all relevant statutes and applicable defenses. If you are not a U.S. citizen, the strategic approach to preserve your right to remain in the United States must be executed immediately. For example, if you’re here on a work visa, if you are a resident or if you have no legal immigration status and are charged with a criminal offense, your immigration status may change and your right to remain in the United States could be in jeopardy. I understand the process and am aware of the residual effects of your charge. Because I am focused on your ultimate life goals which may include residing in the United States, travel outside the country, or simply the goal of remaining out of custody, I strategically work to maintain and preserve those goals every step of your case.
2. Aggressive Defense: I will challenge the arrest and argue in favor of my client being released from jail. I will not waste any time and will fight for your rights right away. I am often seen visiting the scene of a crime, taking photographs personally, interviewing witnesses and preserving information for preparation in a client’s defense. In criminal cases, where there is physical evidence at a police station’s evidence bureau, I personally inspect the evidence to discover and analyze the case from the perspective of the police and prosecutors. The use of an investigator is a key aspect in any criminal defense case.  The use of experts, agents, law professors and other professionals is often critical in both the preparation of a criminal defense case as well as in an immigration trial setting.
1. Humanitarian Approach: I bring a face and a story to the prosecutor and mitigate the case. I have extensive experience in the acquisition of favorable pleas and verdicts at trial.

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