Maggie Arias, P.A., is a boutique law firm representing clients in the areas of criminal defense and immigration law.  Maggie Arias is an experienced attorney who personally follows her clients’ cases from beginning to end.  She is passionate about pursuing the best possible result for every client.

Criminal Defense: As a former assistant public defender, Maggie Arias understands how the criminal justice system works.  If you or a loved gets arrested, would you know what to do and what not to do?  Would you know what to say in order to protect and preserve all your Constitutional rights as an accused person?  Probably not.  That’s why it’s important to hire qualified criminal defense counsel who understands procedures that can often keep clients out of jail.  Maggie Arias, P.A. will aggressively fight to prevent charges from being filed, have charges reduced or dismissed, and when applicable, proceed to trial.

Immigration: Many of the clients Maggie Arias has represented during her legal career have been non-US citizens, immigrants fighting deportation, and residents and visa-holders wishing to remain in the United States or return to the United States without incident.  She has an extensive background in this area of the law and specializes in criminal immigration matters.  Ms. Arias will work hard to fight deportation, preserve residency and other types of immigration statuses and keep her clients in the United States while they fight the charges against them.

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